Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Good tattoos.


From my life experience, there exists only two that save that title from being an oxymoron. And here they are:

I. The Shayman:

II. The Alan Partridge:

I'd hurriedly set up a free online poll between which is best, but I have two hunches:
1. Those buggers will swamp my email with third party offers
2. Only four people will ever find this page and vote
3. We all know which one will win. Right?

Motherscratchin' devotion, imo.

"I've gone on nights out and been back home within a few hours.
"I've bought records that have disappointed me to no end and never listened again, not forced myself to stay at underwhelming gigs.
"I've gone to watch films that let me down and walked out halfway through.

"But when I go to watch Halifax Town as I have done every weekend for fourteen years, I could be watching the most diabolical game ever seen (I usually am) and wild horses couldn't drag me away.

"Friends, bands, films - they come and go... but when you choose a football team, that's a life sentence."


Chris said...

Jackanackanory! I vote tatoo two. I want one!

Pliny Harris said...

Spice World!

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