Thursday, 9 June 2011

Cack-Handed Away Guide V: CORBY TOWN FC.


Meh. I did try with Corby. I tried to come up with a "theme" for them to see if that could get things going, but it just made me lose interest in this whole Away Guide enterprise. The best nickname I could come up for them was the Trouser Presses. In short, they bored me, like if Maroon 5 had their own football club.

I got this far and yes, there is a typo:

That's their ground, that is. All two sides of it. There is no photographic evidence of a further two sides existing. They've just moved into it from Rockingham Triangle, a sub-Bradford PA one-standed Olympic track affair where they've been for 26 years, straddling between exile and actually calling it a home.

This however, is all in their plan to aim for Conference National football. Will they get it? Well, FTS readers, stay on standby.


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