Thursday, 3 March 2011

Halifax Town 0 – 0 Worksop Town; 01/03/11.


I left Cannon Park last month feeling happy with a point, thinking "Will Worksop be able to be that physical at a pitch as even and wide as the Shay's? Not likely!"

I'd forgotten all about the bruiser treatment we were given time and time again in the Unibond North. Even though the likes of Suarez (one of the clean ones) were known for great legs at this level, the Tigers just had to resort to anti-Shaymen tactics of either blocking us or going for our ankles whenever we got the ball. This was coupled with unambitious tactics, all players occupying just a quarter of the pitch's size when a dormant Vardy may have been able to break through the Worksop defense. With training session-style ease though, our long balls were headed out by a Worksop back four on top of their game. This 0–0 draw was therefore one with very few shots either side, but somehow gripping because y'know, non-league games can't finish goalless. Something had to come.

Our real worry came when Hogan got a second yellow with 40 minutes left while trying to settle a score through the art of sliding tackles. The formation change brought on Andrew Milne who impressed in his brief appearance, and the teams were still balanced enough. Our two best opportunities were a close range ker-blam from Holland that met the keeper, and a hopeful free-kick in added time which couldn't quite live up to the crowd's desperation. On the other side we held our breath as a the North Stand goals, completely open save two Town defenders, shook when a Worksop striker hit the post before having a second shot intercepted and cleared. Though it's bizarre to think of not even Gregory finding the net in a Town game, Worksop managed to hold back one of part-time football's strongest sets of forwards on an off-day. Hopefully we'll never face them again, even though we may meet many more dirty sides in the future. It'll make a win on Saturday feel more deserved, 'mirite?

Halifax Town 0 – 0 Worksop Town; att. 1318
Entertainment: 5/10


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