Sunday, 3 October 2010

Ashton United 0 – 3 Halifax Town; 02/10/10.


To end our final FA Cup/league Saturday doublet, a handful more Shaymen than before surfaced in red brick Mancunia for another league game that will say a lot for our current playing standard.

It did—and with little skill required. Ashton practically gifted us this game, forcing Hedge to get fingers to one shot, but little more after that. That was them at their peak of the day, and after that they shut their eyes tight and gave in to a taste of the Shay medicine. This translated, and in return we didn't give a spectacular performance though Hardy returns to the team on fire, and Nicky Gray's desperate battle for a place in this season's team is seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Though without the confidence to go for goal himself, he set up a lot of good play. We haven't seen the end of him quite yet.

The squad was largely unchanged but Deano made a return, making a shot hit the netting in the first half before rolling flat on his belly over the line and just below where I was stood. He grinned throughout and seemed to be living the life of Riley (not James). He treated himself to a close range power into the top-middle which surpassed the 100 game award-winning Ashton keeper's reflexes for Town's second. The first came several minutes earlier in the play, this one in the first half, as Danny Holland was given an easy close-ranger as a result of bad defending, James Dean half-feeding Gray who left it to Holland who fed the goal.

So not too long after Deano's strike, an Ashton defender again gave a daft handball, and specially anointed penalty taker Baker gave a quick look at the left corner of the net and wrapped up the game. A fourth could have come, but the game was at a friendly pace with a friendly atmosphere. Nothing much else was needed, just ongoing harsh reminders of the Shaymen's presence in the Northern Premier and a special Hurst Cross leaving present from the hosts for three points.

Ashton United 0 – 3 Halifax Town; att. 543
Ground: 8/10
Pitch: 4/10
Programme: 4/10
Talent: 5/10
Non-partisan entertainment: 6/10


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