Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Seasonal affective disorder.


It is sad news indeed to announce in the Following the Shaymen HQ that Winter has been called back early to Northwich. We'll without a doubt be greatly missing his input.

I just don't see that this loss can affect us too badly. I'll miss the lad. The Phelan–Baker–Winter combo would be a tough one to reckon with in any Town formation in the past couple of decades. However, we can't let ourselves panic.

Before Winter came along we were the promotion force we've always been. By the close of the year our WDL record was still brilliant. We can't be completely lost from these heady days a few months ago. Despite the few that'll be available at this time too, Aspin is the one who'll look for talent to paste into the cracks. Northwich Victoria have their team on transfer list, and may be a good call to find another player (is Junior Brown still playing for them? Ha, ha, ha). Otherwise it'll be at least considered that we'll sign him.

For now, we still have Syko, who seemed a gem at the start of the season. In his few performances since he's been substandard, nutting a player and getting sent off within a few minutes of his return to the game from a broken arm. He could play deep a little while we get Baker to gang up on the goalie with Scott. Whatever way, if we harness our line-ups correctly, which Aspin will near doubtless do, we won't realise the potential points loss in Winter's return.

Still, this is JUST like waking up from a dream just before the really good bit.

The part where you're about to open that treasure chest.

The part where the sultry temptress (played by Carey Mulligan in this author's fantasy) goads you into your hotel room.

The part where you're sitting on a cloud with God, and upon asking him the meaning of life, he opens his mouth and says, "Well, Arthur . . ."

The part where Deano places the ball on the white spot 10 or so yards from the keeper, takes a long run up and fires home the fifth goal in front of thousands of Shaymen against Lancaster in April, sending us eight points clear on the top of the Unibond North.

Anyway, a third of the season to go, and if we keep it up, we'll end up on 99.0000001 points. Sound alright to you?


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