Sunday, 21 November 2010

Halifax Town 0 – 2 North Ferriby United; 20/11/10.


We are in a tight league. One where half the teams are credibly eyeing up the play-off places. On Saturday we played a tad better than against Retford the week before, but instead of scoring three goals, we conceded two. Against possibly the toughest team yet, it shows this league has never been a breeze.

A fantastic thing I think I can confirm now is that for the first time in years, we're convincing the Calderdale public that something's going on between the Shay's four stands. 1605 was the attendance, and exactly last year this fixture would've brought in 1305. The attendance on the pitch was something else, as none of the boys in blue showed up. How does it feel to be beat by a team small enough to be nicknamed "The Villagers?" Crap, but not as crap as it would've felt if they weren't actually very good. Although I wouldn't be surprised if this was the best North Ferriby will ever play this season.

 Ferriby celebrate their first.

This lack of crapness manifested itself in Russell Fry cutting straight through our defense and goalkeeper and rolling it in. A standard seldom seen. There's every chance we will have signed one of these players before next season. Hedge soon after pulled a heroic safe with little regard to Ferriby's number 10, who earned them a penalty which Hedgey saved again, even more heroically. Such goalkeeping didn't give us a new lease of life however. We continued to flounder until the final whistle, in between which one Hedge save wasn't enough, as the close-range shot hit his glove and then the net.

The penalty decision is given.

We were working on a small team who were perhaps tired and lagging, though it was clear the terraces had far more passion as we had nil firepower and no ideas on how to break down a team that broke us down instead. They wouldn't gift us with a slow defense like other teams in this league, and we need a plan B for when defense is at its zenith in this league. Maybe it was complacency, but we have lost a few potential followers this weekend. To expect 11 league wins in a row is spoilt to Chelski/ManUre standards, but our fortress record has stopped at 586 days of picking up league points at the Shay. I guess my problem is how our last three home games have been poor performances regardless of the result. It's great to see support higher than in our Conference years but will it stay like this?

I guess we're being a bit spoilt.

Halifax Town 0 (nil) – 2 North Ferriby United; att. 1605
Entertainment: 5/10


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