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Buxton 2 – 1 Halifax Town; 12/03/11.



I was going to write a report on this match but felt like extracting the pus from this ingrown toenail of mine instead. Anyway, that's now out of the way, and I have literally no choice but to scribble down this weekend's away day.

Champions versus play-off contenders. No suggestions of a six-pointer however, but one of the tougher matches. And, as the scoreline would suggest, they gave it their all, and we gave it a third at best. Maybe a quarter or a fifth even.

 The Bucks do the hokey-cokey.

A goal in the first half would've been good. And of course, the first half is the time that we usually like to spend scoring less goals then the second half, if that makes any sense. The pitch had retained its grass, but could've possibly operated as a motocross dirt-jumping track if it hadn't. The ball would bounce randomly, halfway between a flyaway ball and a rugby ball, and it was a form of football Buxton were better versed in. Débutant Lee Ellington showed presence in the box but even when we got close we seemed not to shoot. Gone was the go-getting Town we see most of the time, in a time of need.

Top ground, shame about the result.

We got a penalty that Baker obviously dispatched even though he appeared nervous, and then a newbie of theirs who I'm told was taken from the local leagues smashed two short-rangers in with quick succession. And that was it. Yes, they were better. They were up for it and little came in their way as they turned around to beat us. I'm erasing the particulars from my mind, apart from the ones worth remembering. These were Buxton's ground, one of the best, overlooking hills and of a nice Conference North standard. The main stand is ample, along with the small stand running right down the opposite touchline, and the terracing at one side also has a decent view. The plastic fork given for my pasty was posh and thick (like David Cameron hurr hurr) which would penetrate any tough crust. The pitch is worth forgetting about as despite being very well-cut it needs a little flattening. As was the Tory advertisement on the hoardings (yuck).

A note on tinpot gallantry though. I only managed to articulate this while having a burger and chips at a takeaway on Monday. Inside the Buxton clubhouse was champagne on Saturday, and the chairman/manager/whatever leapt onto the pitch at full-time to gyrate and stoke the anger of our fans. I wouldn't mind it if, while were at this level, teams could have more grace. Chasetown had grace. Raccy Borough had grace. Some teams just really Cup-Final out. Maybe it feels like that, but often they gloat like all hell. While we are at this level, I'd like it for Halifax Town to be seen as of this level. Otherwise it ingrains a feeling that we're playing tons of FA Cup 1st Rounds/4th Qualifying Rounds against lower league teams on good cup runs, and it makes following Town at this level feel like an annoying weight to drag along. It dresses us up before mocking us for it. I'm not sure if I'm articulating this as well as I did the other night! I could possibly be an odd-fan-out for thinking this way, but I'd just prefer to get along, enjoy the character of many of these places, and while we're in these leagues I want something chummier than the fans vs. opposition fans element we sometimes get, which should be kept inside ultra-moneyed League football before eventually suffocating. Not sure if anyone is following me at this point or even reading this, but it's an encumbrance. There are many reasons for me to believe that if I spend the rest of my life following the Shaymen, that I'd look back to these as the halcyon seasons.

Buxton 2 – 1 Halifax Town; att. 803
Ground: 8/10
Pitch: 5/10
Programme: haven't read yet!
Talent: 4/10
Food: 6/10 (too little of it)
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