Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Halifax Town 3 – 0 Retford United; 13/11/10.


Another good score line, another of those that turns out to be hard to talk about. Not harrowing, just forgettable. Retford came on in the way disgraced schoolboys are marched to the headmaster's office and showed their worth: all seven points of it. Three kicks up the field after they forced us a corner, Jamie Vardy was clear through on goal, and with several yards of space, rolled it in past the goalkeeper. The formality had begun. A few minutes later Scott Phelan outran the Retford defense, squared a ball in and it was Vardy's to tap in. The formality ended.

The rest of the match was cat-and-mouse, with a slight change in our centre-back Bower heading one in from a corner to get his first for the club amongst a sea of blue and yellow. Most people in the ground expecting a massacre, we salivated with every attack, but Town had their plans. They had finished off their game, and kept it in Retford's half throughout a desperately dull second half, only lightly jogging as they did. Nothing was needed, though it was a shame to keep such a good crowd goal-hungry when Retford were way down there with our two home games against Salford City in previous years. Job done though, and as the game drifts from our minds, the result counts as a good one, bringing a tally of 14–0 from our past three games.

Kudos goes to the dozen or so Retford fans who made the trip. Traipsing over a few counties to a match where there'd only ever be one result is the mark of the truest fan. They have my appreciation.

Halifax Town 3 – 0 Retford United; att. 1586
Entertainment: 2/10


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