Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Halifax Town 3 – 2 Burscough; 26/10/10.


Our first opportunity for a six-pointer over league opposition this season was taken, though just about snatched from Burscough at the dead of the game. After pulling one back soon after our third, they went hell for leather on another point earned against promotion candidates following a goalless draw against Sludgeheap Victoria. Lakey even ran from his net for the final corner, where eight or nine Linnets invaded the box in hope our defense would falter for a second time that night. We got away with it, and a ball cleared off the Town line just before injury time got a cheer almost as loud as if we had scored at the other end.

The first half was something I kinda expected, us racing down the pitch as if it was a 30º slope fairly often. The end product only came once though as Scooby leaped up for a header at the penalty spot. Clinical shots lacked due to a bit of exhaustion, hangover and a competitive step-down akin to going from a normal league game to a friendly. We then gave a penalty away and blah, 1–1 at half-time. Surprising enough and we didn't show up during the second half either. Lacklustre, and not a performance anyone will come back for. But we got the three points, and there will be more interesting games afoot. We then got a penalty 20 minutes in, which Baker smashed home in the most satisfying fashion I've seen by the East Stand, watching it go in at a profile view, followed by a real belter from Deano a few minutes later, and then, surprisingly, a Burscough return a few minutes after that, an impressive low boot from the edge of the area.

 I'll try to stop taking pictures of the kids' games now. The novelty has gone.

And that's about it really. Not even Paul the Psychic Octopus could have foreseen such a lethal-looking Burscough side towards the end of that second half, but if the ref had taken a nap and extra time were to have extended for ten minutes, we would have been looking at an embarrassing draw. Luckily a trough in our form came against a side that wouldn't hold it against us. Burscough have a few places to climb this season. That's all I can give them I'm afraid, a few places. Don't give up hope for those few places.

Gray and Rilo warm up.

Halifax Town 3 – 2 Burscough; att. 1264
Entertainment: 3/10


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