Saturday, 6 February 2010

Wakefield FC 1 – 1 FC Halifax Town; 6th February 2010.


An embarrassment to write home about and I'll try to keep this brief (edit: I failed). The bad news is that against a team with U-12s game play and another sod of a referee, in the bottom half of the table, we have had a two-pointer league record. I also forgot my camera so no pictures, and there are about two online because no-one cares about this team. On the good side, above all, we've gained a point on Lancaster, and every point counts. They lost at home to Garforth, 0–3.

According to the Unibond site, Chris Kamara scored Garforth's third! Legend!

Onto the game review:
First half: should've been 3 or 4–0. We dominated, our chances were aplenty.
Second half: we were on top on the whole, but by the standard of play a draw wouldn't be too gutting. Which is what we got in the second. And that would've been good were the first half to have gone as plans.

The criticism:
A lot of flak is given to our defense. At times we do give the ball away, for sure, and at times it cannot be up to the standard of the rest of the team, but this isn't the point. We've got to have the best defense in the league, and a great goalkeeper in Hedge. Our main problem is that we had 94 attacks today and weren't clinical enough. Deano kept facing the wrong way, and as the main striker there was a leak in the tactics when he'd be on the wing so often. And we're all catching the Nicky Gray bug of giving it far too many touches. Anyone remember how well Marshall does when he just immediately blasts it at the goals? Yeah, more of that, Aspin. Please read this, Aspin. :(

Onto the journey and ground itself. Always a colourful part of the game. We arrived in Wakefield with half an hour to go, and our route planner pages sent us up a slummy back-corridor. We asked about ten people there, the final one of whom knew that Wakefield had a football club. People live in a big enough city, and are oblivious that they have a local team. A few just tried to give us directions to the rugby ground, even though we elaborated. How sad.

We circled College Grove for several minutes trying to find a place then, but everywhere around the ground was permit holders only, another reason why this club have to put in an orchestrated effort to push 100 through the turnstiles. The low point was when some prick in his car sideways across the road threatened us (not us, but the Universe) with death purely for being near.

The Wakefield ground consists of a nice, fairly weathered stand, a small terrace on either side of it, and a bit of tarpaulin. The tarpaulin bit probably has a grandiloquent name like the Arthur Horthmundthorpe Memorial Kop End Family Stand. It's next to a hockey pitch so both referee's whistles get mixed up. The noise was pretty good under the tarpaulin in the second half, but I didn't like getting wet. Yet again, the opposition played for time, the goalkeeper was crap and our Conference North-standard play was a bit problematic when Wakefield huddled together in the box like a youth team.

The city looks nice enough, but when a team undertakes the name of such a city, they need to be known. They deserve to be known. Well, not some of those players, but as a club they definitely do. They should sort out the badge for one, as I've no idea what it's meant to be. The programme was also the worst for content I've known; though I much enjoyed and appreciated the Terrace column towards the end, it was over after five minutes.

Sorry this one's a bit exasperated. The play is not much to worry about, but what we're doing with our efforts are. Two very disappointing conceded goals towards the ends in two away games this week; hopefully we'll return in the next few games.

Ground: 5/10
Pitch: 3/10 (full of divots and sloped)
On-pitch entertainment: 8/10
Ability to leave the area after the game: 7/10
Food: 7/10
Bias against Town factor: 7/10


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